With each season comes new priorities in the garden.  We offer a range of seasonal services to help to keep your garden looking at its best now and in the future. We are happy to quote on a one-off basis or as part of an annual maintenance plan. Contact us for more information.


Spring Cleaning

Looking unkempt after the ravages of winter? In need of a good spring clean? Call us in and we’ll give your garden a complete “going over”, putting it into the best of order for the coming year. Hedges trimmed, borders weeded and turned over, leaf litter and debris removed - whatever is needed to blow the cobwebs away!


This is an ideal time to get a spring mulch down. Not only will it suppress weeds and feed your plants, it also  traps moisture in the soil - essential in these days of hosepipe bans. We supply and lay a range of natural mulches to suit every garden.

Hanging Baskets

Talk to us now  for stunning summer baskets planted to your specification. From one offs to large displays. Automated or easy watering systems also specified and installed to keep them at their best. Annual maintenance contracts available . Enquiries from commercial premises welcome.

Seasonal Services

Containers, Beds and Borders

This is the time of year to get ready for summer. We can supply and plant the bulbs, annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees you need to bring out the best in your garden this summer. Why not get in touch and arrange a visit to discuss your requirements?


If you have masses of overcrowded snowdrops, now is the time to spread them around. We specialise in the mass transplanting of snowdrops “in the green”.